Manufacturing Decline (1920-1944)

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The powers that be decided that Bunker Hill was an eyesore and an impediment to the development of downtown Los Angeles, and the case was slowly created that the neighborhood was on the decline very quickly and the best thing to do would be the remove it. It was in this era that the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) was created to deal with the city’s chore of rehabilitating Bunker Hill. The breadth and scope of this agency’s early history and Bunker Hill (inextricably intertwined) is beyond the scale of this post, but future ones will begin to address it.

<p>This entry by Yukio, <a href="" title="1920-44">The Evolution of Bunker Hill&#8212;Part Three</a>, simply creates the stereotype of a blighted neighborhood, which would become its self-fulfilling prophecy.  </p>

<p>It should be noted in reference to the article&#8217;s mention of the Hill&#8217;s much appreciated housing during WWII, that it was considered the safest place in the city for single women to live.</p>

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