A Man Named Stinko

Stinko headline


215 North Hill Street

May 10, 1931 

215 N Hill

It was bad enough to be saddled with the moniker Stinko Gursasovich ”“ how could things possibly get worse?  On the morning of May 10, 1931, the 42 year old laborer would find out. He was out walking when he suddenly felt hungry. Heading to his room at

215 North Hill Street
to fix himself a sandwich, he decided that he needed to stop for a snack first. Problem was, there wasn”™t a single canned ham or loaf of bread to be had anywhere in the area.  It was then that he decided he”™d break into the cellar of a house at 1037 Alpine Street ”“ surely the homeowners would have left some tasty treats in the cellar.


A neighbor saw Stinko creep into the basement through a window and immediately phoned the cops. The radio carLAPD had recently installed radios in their cruisers, so officers Webb and Hamblin made it to the scene in a mere 90 seconds. The hapless perpetrator wasn”™t familiar with the latest crime fighting advances, and was promptly arrested and booked on a charge of burglary.


Let”™s hope Stinko made it to his cell in time for lunch.