1. chrissainth
    June 7, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

    First, kudos on a wonderful blog. I’m a forth generation Angelino who’s just starting to explore the history of what I consider to be, as any Angelino would, ‘my city.’ As I look around, it’s easy to picture my great-grandfather making his way in and out of some of these forgotten places.

    My question:

    You say above that the Hill Crest was demolished before the Sunshine; Mann’s photograph certainly seems to support this.

    But when I visited the americanfilmnoir.com page, the caption to the photograph at the bottom of the page says we’re looking at the demolition of the HIll Crest, and that the Sunshine had already been torn down. Mann’s picture is a fantastic view and clearly shows an empty lot above the Sunshine, so I’m guessing the filmnoir people got it wrong. So what, then, is the building on the bottom right of the latter photograph, and is that actually the Hillcrest being torn down by the crane?

    Thanks so much!


    • nathan
      June 7, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

      Well thank you so much for your kind words!  It isn’t every day we (or anyone) runs into someone who’s been in town for as long as your family has.  And doubly cool that you like the City’s history.

      Lemmee tell you what happened over on this page.   First of all, let me say I think Phil is a total genius and I always get a kick out of turning people on to his site; I have learned much from it.  However, I can see how he got flummoxed with the pic and it wasn’t until you called attention to the image and I really had to look at it that I went — aha.  

      The image is reversed.  Wherever he got it from, he got confused, as anyone would, because they’re tearing down stuff on the east side of the Flight, right?  But check it out:



      Where we are, y’see, is inside the bottom of the Elks Lodge, that is to say, that’s where the crane is.  Below that there’s Clay Street.  The half demolished building next to Angels Flight is the Hulburt.  The big building still standing is the Ferguson.

      Here’s a slightly later image (the crane and its damage done on our side):


      See, at the corner, below the McCoy House (the Victorian with the steep gables) there’s the St. Helena Sanitarium AKA the later Royal Liquor, the Belmont is the tall one next to it — the fenestration is the dead giveaway in both pictures; same parking lot across Hill, Pan American Bldg across the parking lot, etc.

      The Hillcrest started demolition in September of ’61; the Elks started demolition in September of ’62 — given the advanced state of demolition in the pic, with the Hulburt mostly wrecked too, I’m guessing this image dates to, what, January ’63?  The image Jim posted last Saturday of the Sunshine was from late November of ’62.  Don’t know exactly when the Sunshine came down; I do know that the second photo I posted is no later than June of ’65, and the Sunshine (which would have been above the McCoy next to the Flight car) is gone…

      Anyhow, hope that answered your question, it’s always our pleasure to help.  Thanks again for your interest and keep checking in!


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