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  1. nathan
    November 1, 2008 @ 3:41 pm

    Angels Flight Railway Cars Return

    Crane Lifts Sinai and Olivet Over Arch Onto Track


    by Jon Regardie


    — On Saturday, Nov. 1, the two cars that long ran on Angels Flight
    were returned to the track that connects Bunker Hill and the Historic
    Core. The cars, named Olivet and Sinai, were brought to Hill Street
    Saturday morning and were lifted by a 275-ton crane over the arch at
    the bottom of the funicular and placed on the track.

    It is a significant step forward for the railway, which has been
    closed since a deadly accident in 2001. Last year, new drive machinery
    was installed, and late last week, a cable for the drive was being
    tested. No date has been set yet for when the railway could resume

    “While there still are many weeks of fine-tuning and testing yet
    to be undertaken, we are hopeful that Angels Flight will reopen to the
    public late this year or early in 2009,” said Dennis Luna, chairman of
    the Angels Flight Railway Foundation.

    John Welborne, president of the Foundation, has spent significant
    time in recent years raising money for a renovation of the railway and
    the new drive system.


  2. nathan
    February 22, 2009 @ 2:47 pm



    Angels Flight Then and Now Then.

    Slide from here.

    Note the blacked-out BPOE. Glory days of the Moose.

    By the way, have you bought the book yet?  It’s seriously hardcore. 


  3. nathan
    May 13, 2009 @ 7:54 am

    THE QUIET old folks who live near the upper level of Angels Flight at 3rd and
    Olive are not easy to surprise but they got a good one yesterday.

    A bunch of maniacs showed up at noon and stood on the launching platform
    and sipped champagne, munched barbecued ribs and rode up and down on
    one of the two cars, commandeered for the lunch hour.

    Not only that, photographers kept shooting pictures of some joker named Jim
    Hawthorne as he stood on the west end of the ascending and descending
    car like a touring politician. For the occasion a sign had been placed
    on it, "Save Angels Flight." What had the natives nudging each other
    was the tuxedo Hawthorne was wearing. This is strictly sport-shirt

    It seems, Hawthorne, who has a show on KTTV, had some
    time to spare yesterday and decided to save Angels Flight whether it
    needed saving or not. No one is certain. The owners, L. B. Moreland and
    his wife, who were present, attended the recent hearings on the
    proposed redevelopment project and there was no mention of the
    one-block railway’s future. Neither was it included in the bright new
    plans for the hill after it is leveled and the architects start fresh.

    Odd thing about yesterday’s proceedings was that hardly any of the
    gentlemen busily saving Angels Flight had ever ridden on it before.

    Matt Weinstock, May 12, 1959

    …from Larry Harnisch’s Daily Mirror blog


  4. Martha Plascencia
    March 14, 2016 @ 11:01 pm

    Bring back our Angels Flight……Born & raised LA. Dad worked in & loved the city & brought us to Cliftons & GCM as kids & as adults. Learned about homelessness with our eyes. Shopped downtown, May Company basements & @ tea room. Took public transportation to high school, work, shop & DNTN. Rode Angeles Flight @ old & new locations. Took the train East as a child & adult. From West Hollywood (county then, city now) did as much the same for the child as dad did for me. The story has repeated itself. Child is getting married & works @ GCM. 3/2016 MPV


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