A Night Visitor

Location: 310 Clay Street
Date: July 6, 1900

Around midnight, it’s reported, a bold burglar entered the Royal Anderson residence. Mrs. Anderson, wife of a musician at the Imperial Cafe, was reading in a back bedroom and awaiting her husband’s return when she was startled by a crook who grabbed her arms from behind and snarled those immortal words, "Hello, here you are, hey!?"

The lady snapped, "You get right out of here or I’ll scream and arouse the neighbors." (The house is a double dwelling.) "No you won’t," said the crook, and gagged her with a hanky. Then he searched the room, but finding no valuables, he skedaddled. As soon as she realized she was alone, Mrs. Anderson yelled, and neighbors sought out the criminal without success. The clever victim had concealed her watch in her gown throughout the ordeal.

The suspect was a slim fellow of about 5’10"m in a faded brown suit and a light Fedora. He had a brown moustache and wore a black mask over his upper face. So peel an eye for him in your rambles, and don’t forget to lock your windows.

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